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When you are arrested for drunk driving you may not know who to turn to. It might seem like the right thing to do is to try to defend yourself and stand up to the police. It might seem like the right thing to do is make a big scene or it might seem like the right thing to do is absolutely nothing and let the situation resolve itself.

How Can I Help

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your arrest, you are putting your trust in good hands when working with the me, Attorney Tom Barton. I have been defending clients in and around Stockbridge, GA for over 20 years and I know exactly how to defend a variety of DUI allegations.

DUI arrests –Georgia comes with some of the harshest penalties for drinking and driving arrests and by doing nothing about it, you are admitting a guilty sentence and facing a conviction. Don’t let this happen to you – you have ten days to contact a lawyer and do something about it.

Traffic violations – we will fight on your behalf to ensure that your driving record is not damaged and that your license is not suspended. If you are facing under 21 license suspensions, CDL suspension, speeding tickets or other traffic violations, then our firm can help.

Contact my office today for a free review of your case.  770-961-7400. We are available around the clock to answer your questions and assist you with your case.

Stockbridge, GA – Henry County Court Information

The Municipal Court operates under the laws of the State of Georgia and try all misdemeanor traffic and criminal cases, (with some limitations), code enforcement cases and city ordinance violations that occur within the city limits of Stockbridge. Approximately 400 local courts are part of the Georgia court system.

Municipal and Special Courts: These courts serve incorporated municipalities and operate under various names with varying jurisdictions.

Courts of incorporated municipalities try municipal ordinance violations, issue criminal warrants, conduct preliminary hearings, and may have concurrent jurisdiction over shoplifting cases and cases involving possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.

Qualifications of judges and terms of office in municipal courts are set by local legislation.


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