Fulton County DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer

Fulton County DUI LawyerHave you been arrested for a DUI in Fulton County? There is a lot at stake. How you react to this allegation is going to matter a lot when your time comes to fight for your legal rights. The first move you make should always be to contact an attorney, even if you believe the allegations will not hold up in court or if you believe the conviction is not a big deal.

Even a minor misdemeanor charge, such as a first offense DUI, comes with serious and life changing consequences. You could be facing jail time, large fines and license suspension. Don’t forget a conviction will give you a permanent criminal record.  There are ways to avoid this with the right legal representation, you can walk away with the best possible outcome.

Georgia Attorney Tom Barton has proven experience helping clients arrested for a DUI in Fulton County as well as the surrounding areas. Contact us today and we will put that legal expertise to work, offering you a free consultation to learn the facts about:

  • How to Keep Your License After a DUI arrest
  • The Hidden Penalties You Could Face
  • What a multiple DUI Conviction Will Mean
  • Any Question You Have About Georgia DUI Laws

DUI Defense in Fulton County

Whether you were arrested near Atlanta or pulled over further south in Union City, you need to contact Tom Barton Today! He has defended many DUI cases successfully in Fulton County Criminal Court. He knows Why make life any harder for yourself by accepting a conviction without a fight?
Why make life any harder for yourself by accepting a criminal conviction without a fight?

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