Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, Georgia is host to several races: the Sprint Cup Series, the Nationwide Series and the Craftsman Truck Series. NASCAR races are huge, exciting events that many people take annual vacations to attend. However, your vacation or day at the race can turn from a fun time with friends to a frightening experience in just minutes. Getting a DUI after a NASCAR race is something no fan wants to have happen. If it does happen to you, however, you do have legal options.

Don’t accept a DUI without first speaking to a Georgia criminal defense lawyer. A conviction can result in immediate time behind bars as well as a license suspension. If you have been arrested in the past, then this can make things even harder for you. Whether this is your first DUI charge or a multiple DUI offense, he can act quickly and knowledgeably to protect your rights and your future.

It can be easy to get a little out of hand. You may think that you are not over the limit or that you have waited long enough before getting into the car and behind the wheel. You may have the best intentions on taking a cab but the long line ups have pushed you back behind the wheel. Or you may think that it’s only a short distance back home or to your hotel and you are willing to risk it. Whatever has happened, our experience in defending DUI charges can help you ensure the best outcome possible.

A DUI conviction can result in jail time, license suspension, commercial driver’s license suspension and fines. Furthermore, you could also be looking at a permanent mark on your criminal record. The good news is that every case is handled on an individual basis and that, while the Georgia courts are quite strict on drunk drivers, it is possible to minimize your sentence and clear your name completely with the right defense strategy.

DUI Arrest With An Out of State License

When you are visiting Georgia from out of state you could still be faced with a DUI arrest. You probably are unaware of the laws regarding this arrest and what this means for your life back home. Our defense attorney, Tom Barton can assess your case and determine your option for out of state arrests. You don’t want to run away without consulting a lawyer about what this could mean down the road.

Don’t Let This One Mistake Steer Your Life Off Course

Whether you live in Georgia or out-of-state, contact my firm today for aggressive defense against drunk driving charges in Hampton, Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia.

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