Is DUI a Felony In Georgia?

You may already know that there’s no small price to pay when you are arrested for drunk driving. Instead, the price tag here is huge. You’ll not only have to shell out the money for serious fines and court costs, but you can also lose your license, pay a premium for car insurance, and you may even have to tell your freedom goodbye thanks to a simple conviction.

Perhaps the worst part is that a DUI in Georgia can actually be a felony conviction, and that could follow you to every job, every lease, and every background check for the rest of your life.

When Is Drinking and Driving a Felony?

Most DUIs in Georgia are misdemeanors, but if you have a 3 prior DUI offenses on your record your 4th DUI (within 10 years) may be charged as a felony. An accident in a DUI case that results in a serious injury or death certainly results in felony charges.

Does It Matter?

The differences between felony and misdemeanor DUI under Georgia law are vast. In a misdemeanor case, you may face up to 12 months in the county jail. In a felony case, though, you could serve far more than that in the state penitentiary. You will never be able to vote again, own a gun, or even get some kinds of jobs.

Additionally, you may be subject to heavy fines, probation, community service time, and even court-mandated rehab. An ignition interlock device may be installed on all of your vehicles, and you could lose your license. Getting a felony expunged from your record is next to impossible.

Will My DUI Be Treated As a Felony?

How your case will be prosecuted depends a bit on your prior history and the circumstances of your arrest. Even if it’s not a felony, though, you substantially increase your chances of protecting your rights and getting a favorable outcome when you contact an experienced attorney like Tom Barton.

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