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Dekalb County DUI LawyerIf you have been arrested in DeKalb County for a DUI then you will need legal representation and fast. The faster you contact a lawyer, the better for your case. Whether you are inquiring on the behalf of a loved one or whether you have been accused of a crime, don’t hesitate to contact the Attorney Tom Barton.

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Tom Barton is an experienced DUI attorney working with clients in Dekalb County and  across Georgia for over 20 years. During this time he has successfully defended countless clients and helped ensure the best outcome possible. Tom will sit down with you for a free consultation, reviewing your case and determining the best defense. Whether this is a non guilty plea or a reduced sentence – Attorney Barton can help you move on from this arrest with minimal damage to your future. We provide assistance with:

DeKalb County Drunk Driving Defense

Putting your faith and your future in the hands of a stranger can be difficult. However, when you work with DUI Attorney Tom Barton you can expect friendly, compassionate, honest and personal service from day one. Whether you decide to challenge the accusation or whether you agree to a plea bargain is entirely up to you – we are simply there to help you understand your options and provide the most aggressive legal defense regardless of what you choose. Contact Tom Barton, an experienced Georgia criminal defense attorney at 770-961-7400. We are available around the clock to answer your questions and assist you with your case.