Case Results for DUI Attorney Tom Barton

case resultsAll case results and online reviews are real. I protect the privacy of each client. I also protect the identity of the Judges and Prosecutors involved in each case so they won’t feel uncomfortable negotiating my cases in the future.

State of Georgia vs. JK. Henry County State Court Jury Trial. DUI and Failure to Maintain Lane.

Client was facing significant jail time and other penalties after his 4th arrest for DUI. Client was a pest control technician who was sent to a local establishment to spray for bugs. He stayed a while and had a few. He was headed down the on-ramp to the Interstate when he was stopped for allegedly weaving. Fortunately for the client the arresting officer was not well trained and at trial we were able to take advantage of her inexperience and overall negative demeanor. The State brought in several similar transaction witnesses from the client’s previous DUI’s. All of them agreed that he did not contest those cases and took responsibilty. The jury in this case was out for less than one hour finding my client not guilty on all charges.

State of Georgia vs. DM. Henry County State Court Jury Trial. DUI, Failure to Maintain Lane, Too Fast for Conditions.

Client was in Atlanta celebrating and while driving home failed to negotiate a curve and flipped his car into a ditch. The responding officers, although very well trained, failed to examine the Defendant for signs of head injury. These “expert” dui cops assured the jury that the defendant was way too drunk to drive. I had a highly trained, board certified Emergency Room physician testify to the jury about the effects on the human body and the head during a rollover accident. The doctor drew a compelling analogy between the forces suffered in a rollover accident and an NFL football player getting hit and knocked out. The forces suffered by a driver in a rollover accident can be hundreds of times more powerful than that suffered by a NFL football player!!! Jury was out 30 minutes returning with Not Guilty verdicts!! They were also very critical of the police officers failure to get emergency help for the defendant after such a violent wreck.

State of Georgia vs. RM, (Atlanta area Court) DUI, Failure to yield to a Traffic Control Device, Failure to Yield to an Emergency Vehicle, Obstruction of an Intersection.

Client was asleep at the wheel at a red light on a multilane interstate overpass in the early morning hours. No traffic, but the officer did see him sit through 2 cycles of lights. Officer drives past the client and turns around by bumping over a concrete divider (on video!). Client notices cop and moves onto the on-ramp and down the interstate. Client has multiple priors and is facing loss of job, house, and probably wife. Client declines field testing and chemical testing and otherwise didn’t look too bad or sound too bad on the video. Not Guilty on all counts!!
State of Georgia vs. SW, (Middle Georgia area Court) DUI, Reckless Driving, Following Too Close, Failure to Maintain Lane.

Client, an outdoorsman with prior offenses on his record, consumed way too much and drove a car. He actually hit the median wall of the interstate right in front of an officer. The client was facing significant jail time and would have probably lost his job, house and wife so he was willing to fight this case. Over time as we got the evidence in the case it became apparent that the arresting officer failed to follow many of the requirements needed to build a good dui case. Eventually the State dismissed the DUI and my client plead guilty to Reckless Driving, paid a fine, and went home!

State of Georgia vs. KK, Downtown Atlanta (Buckhead). DUI and Failure to Maintain Lane. Typical downtown ATL case. Weaving on Peachtree St. after a night in Buckhead (.13).

The video was good and the police report was poorly written. The State could not produce all of its evidence in a timely fashion and after many delays the case was completely dismissed!!! The Client has a great job with a big corporation was thrilled because she would have lost that job if convicted!!

State of Georgia vs. RH, DUI and Failure to Maintain Lane. Local City Court.

City agreed to reduce this case to Reckless driving after viewing the video. Even though the client had been drinking, he did perform reasonably well on the field sobriety tests.

State of Georgia vs. QH, DUI and Handicap Parking Violation. Local City Court.

On video client is sitting in his car waiting on a take out order from a local restaurant. The spot was marked as a handicap spot, but the markings were old and faded and the signage was not where the State law required it to be. Client performed poorly on the field tests, but the officer did not follow all of his training while administering the tests. The City agreed to a Reckless Driving plea.

State of Georgia vs. VG. DUI and Failure to Maintain Lane.

Professional client in Buckhead crossed three lanes without his blinker right in front of a patrolman. He did poorly on the fields but his breath test result wasn’t too bad. I moved to exclude evidence in the case and based upon this, the client’s lack of criminal history and his reasonable breath test the City agreed to reduce the charge to Reckless Driving.

State of Georgia vs. SC. DUI and Failure to Maintain Lane.

Client had no alcohol in his system but was taking several medications for multiple health problems. (Most people don’t realize that you can be DUI off of legally prescribed medications!!) Several folks called in to 911 complaining about a driver who was all over the road. Client was stopped and was clearly impaired. He agreed to blood testing. I had my own experts look at the results and after much research it became clear that the client had an improper mix of medications that led to his impairment that day. He had not overdosed….his medications were all within therapuetic levels…his doctors had simply not coordinated his meds to prevent impairment. He now has the right meds and his DUI was dismissed!

State of Georgia vs. LT. Probation Violation DUI.

Client was on probation for multiple DUI’s in Clayton County, Georgia. She absconded probation….in other words she left and went back to Florida!!! A warrant was issued for her arrest and eventually she decided to come back to Georgia and turn herself in. She was anticipating serving a year in jail. At the probation revocation hearing I moved to dismiss because the State had failed to file an affidavit showing that they had tried to locate her (Non Est Inventus). Because they failed to do this the Judge HAD to dismiss the revocation and my client went home!!! (Most tears and hugs from a client ever!!)

State of Georgia vs. GT. Multiple Counties. VGCSA (Drugs).

Local college kid got in way over his head in two different drug cases. A bright future all of a sudden looked quite dim. After speaking with the drug agent and the prosecutor in each county and pointing out some weaknesses in each case, the cases were dismissed expunged from the record.

PW v. AM Domestic Case, Domestic violence, Drugs, Legitimation, Custody, Visitation and Support.

Client was a young irresponsible kid who had a kid with a young and irresponsible girl. After much bad behavior the client found himself facing jail and the prospect of not seeing his child. After several months of effective alcohol and drug treatment the client was able to see his child. We legitimated the child. He paid his child support. He showed up for visitation. We obtained good results for him in his criminal cases. Over the years he continued to mature and succeed while the Mother of the child did not. After a 4 day hearing we were able to get full custody of the child for our client. Life is now good for this client. He enjoys his children and does a great job of leading others to sobriety!!!

State of Georgia v. PK, Metro Atlanta, Minor in Possession of Alcohol, Fake ID Purchase.

Young Marine endangered his military career with these charges. After months of failed negotiations in a local city court, I negotiated a pre trial diversion deal wherein my client paid court costs, got an evaluation for alcoholism, and completed 20 hours of community service. This deal was accepted in a State Court. My client did not have to get fingerprinted and thus no record was created and his military career now continues unblemished!!

State of Georgia v. BM, Local State Court. DUI (.155)

18 year old client found passed out behind the wheel of a running car on the side of the road at 4 in the morning. Told cops he was going to a friends house but really had no memory of how he got there!! Further investigation revealed that his “buddies”, as a joke, drove the car to that spot and put him behind the wheel! Case Dismissed!!