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If you have been arrested for a DUI in Jackson, GA how you act from this day forward will make a world of difference to your case. You will obviously want to avoid any more complications with the law but who you talk to, how you go about your day and even how you act towards the authorities can all impact your chances of walking away without a conviction or with reduced charges.

Make the right decision in moving forward and avoiding a conviction by contacting a defense attorney as soon as possible.  Tom Barton has over 20 years experience defending clients in Jackson and across Georgia that have been accused of drunk driving. If you are looking for a tenacious, experienced and affordable lawyer then contact Attorney Barton for a free consultation to discuss your defense options.

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Jackson, GA – Butts County Court Information

625 West 3rd Street
Jackson, Georgia 30233
Phone:(770) 775-8200

Butts County Clerk of Superior Court

Honorable Rhonda W. Smith Clerk of Court

The Butts County Clerk of Superior Court is elected county-wide to administer the proper registration and retention of official documents. Included are civil and criminal proceedings, real estate and personal property transactions, and various other vital records. The Clerk of Superior Court also administers the jury system.

DUI Attorney in Jackson

Even if you are only facing a minor offense, like a first time DUI, a lot is at stake. It is best to first speak with an attorney that is experienced in defending DUI charges in Jackson, GA such as Tom Barton. Don’t decide to leave it up to the law or you may find that doing nothing is actually going to impact your life more than you think. Contact Tom Barton today for a free consultation and review of your defense options. 770-961-7400. We are available around the clock to answer your questions and assist you with your case.

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