4 Things Drivers Do Not Know About DUI

Driving under the influence is a serious offence anywhere in the US. Here in Georgia, getting pulled over on grounds of drunk driving can set you back up to $ 5, 000 of fines and have you jailed for at least 15 days, among other penalties. So, the next time you head for the road after a drink or two, think wise and think twice.

Despite these heavy consequences, some drivers still do not have a good handle on the subject of DUI. To give you a better picture of the effects of DUI, from the legal and health perspectives, check out the following:

Probable Cause

Police officers do not wait for party-goers to leave the bar and pull them over once they hit the road. Remember that when you get pulled over, the police officer must have a valid probable cause first. If an officer questions you without a valid cause, you can turn to DUI lawyers like us to beat the claim.

Sobering Up Takes Time

Contrary to popular belief, cold showers, coffee, and others cannot make you sober. Sobering up takes an awful lot of time. It is better not to take chances and let your insobriety pass before hitting the road. Besides, police officers are trained to spot drunk drivers; they can know how intoxicated you are even after doing these “effective” sobering up measures.

Nolo Contendre

Unlike in other states, Georgia courts dole out the same penalties even if you plead “nolo contendre.” This is because it is tantamount to an admission of guilt. It is best to consult us before considering this option.

On Preventing Others from Driving

If someone you know insists on driving while intoxicated, dissuade them from doing so. Do it in a non-confrontational manner, though. Avoid making the person feel humiliated or embarrassed as they may push on without a designated driver or put up an aggressive behavior.

Our team of legal experts has all the know-how when it comes to DUI. With the notable experiences in the field, we know just what it takes to handle a DUI case. If you need help with the defense of your DUI case, give us a call. We would be happy to represent you at court.

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